Puppy / Dog Training Classes

Available in
Long Buckby and Towcester

With a maximum of 6 dogs in each group, classes are small and friendly and last for 1 hour per week.
  All classes are run in a happy and relaxed atmosphere - dog training should always be fun and enjoyable for you and your dog.  Families are encouraged to attend and young handlers are most welcome.

The Beginners Class
is a 5 week course suitable for puppies and young dogs and includes:

  • Teaching your dog some basic obedience skills such as watch, sit, down, leave it, wait, stay, to reliably come back to you and to walk nicely on the lead.
  • Good manners and self control exercises around people, other dogs and food.
  • Fun games designed to build upon new skills learnt.

A booklet of information containing training sheets, suggestions of games to play, together with ideas about how to build a happy trusting relationship with your dog, is provided to all course members.

Cost of a 5 week course is £55.

Please contact Deborah for further information about improvement classes and more advanced training.